In this world of internet and technology, privacy has become a serious question. Every app has some or the other feature that can disturb your privacy, or at times even your relations. Read receipt is one such small feature that is creating chaos in some or the other way.

If you are too busy and you read a message, then sender can clearly see at what time you checked the message. But the real problem starts when you don’t reply it back. If you have been a victim of this feature, here we have a Cydia tweak that will work as a life savior.

How to Disable Read Receipt and Typing Indicator in iMessage in iOS 9

How to Disable Read Receipt and Typing Indicator in iMessage on iPhone/iPad Running iOS 9

We have already share information on tweak to mute message on iPhone. Here we will give something that will entertain your privacy. Incognito Messages is a free Cydia tweak; it’s pretty small and does its job very well, above all, the tweak is even compatible to latest iOS 9. It does not send a read receipt when you read a message through stock Messages app. In addition to that, it even doesn’t indicate opposite person when you are typing a reply.

Apart from that, there is one small feature called TypeRead. This means that opposite person will receive read receipt when you start typing your message in reply. The receiver will not get the exact time when you read the message. As we narrated a scenario above, now you can check your messages and reply at your convenient time, without being a victim of read receipt.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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