Our iPhone or iPad is incomplete without entertainment. Movies are indispensable when we talk about entertainment. There are many apps that entertain this requirement. But there are certain awesome apps which are not available on App store. Movie Box is one such app.

Movie Box is a free app, which lets you watch and download full movies right on your iPhone or iPad. The app is currently not available on AppStore. But there’s a workaround to get this app on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Install MovieBox on iPhone-and iPad Without Jailbreak

There are two ways to download Movie Box: From vShare app or from the direct web site. To download it via vShare please follow our guide on how to install vShare. You will need to authorize vShare from Settings app. If you encounter any issue you can follow guide on how to install enterprise app.

After you have installed vShare and authorized it, follow the steps given below to install Movie Box:

Step #1. Open vShare app from home screen.

Step #2. In search box, type Movie Box and tap on the Movie Box app from search result.

Step #3. Download the app by tapping the icon beside it.

Step #4. Once download is completed, vShare will ask to install it. Tap on Install

Step #5. After installation is finished you will need to authorize Movie Box as enterprise app from Settings → General → Profiles → Fujian Zhengtong Technology Co., Ltd and tap on Trust.

That’s it; you can now download your favorite movies from Movie Box app or you can watch them online as well. To download Movie Box app via direct web site, please follow the guide given below.

How to Install Movie Box on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9 Without Jailbreak

Step #1. Open Safari and type in the URL: http://ipa.othman.tv/ipa/mbox.php.

Step #2. When the page is loaded, tap on green install button.

Tap on Install MovieBox 3 on iPhone

Step #3. A small pop-up will ask for confirmation, tap on Install.

Tap on Install to Confirm Installing MovieBox on iPhone

Step #4. Once installation is finished, you will need to authorize this app to work.

Go to Settings → General

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhoneProfiles → Fujian Zhengtong Technology Co., Ltd and tap on Trust option.

Add Enterprise App Profile on iPhoneTap on Trust to Authorize Enterprise App on iPhone

Step #5. Open the Movie Box app from home screen.

Step #6. It will prompt to update the app, simply tap on Cancel. Do not update the app.

That’s it; you can now enjoy unlimited movies on your iPhone or iPad with Movie Box app. Every time you open the app, it will prompt you to update. Do not press on Update, instead press on Cancel. In case you press Update, it will take you to another website and ask you to install some other app.

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