Open Unlimited Safari Tabs on iPhone with Xaris Cydia Tweak

How to Open Unlimited Safari Tabs on iPhone/iPad in iOS 9 [Xaris Cydia Tweak]

Safari app on iOS 9 is widely used for browsing different sites on internet, and with latest updates it has gained some more attractive features. There’s one limitation, Safari app does not let you open more than 36 tabs; there’s no explanation to why it does not let your open more than 36 tabs.

If you ask me, 36 tabs are more than enough for anyone; even if he or she is browsing internet 24/7, which is practically not possible. There should be some reason, why Apple does not allow you to open more tabs. But, if you want more tabs on your Safari, there’s a tweak for that too.

Open Unlimited Safari Tabs on iPhone with Xaris Cydia Tweak

The tweak is called Xaris; it is available for free in Cydia. There is no configuration to be done after you install the tweak. Simply launch Safari browser and open as many tabs as you want. I still doubt on the unlimited concept because the more tabs you open, higher is your CPU and RAM usage, which will slow down the performance of your iPhone or iPad.

The tweak might not be useful to normal users, but if you are a hardcore internet browsing machine, this tweak will definitely add spice to your browsing experience. The tweak is also useful if you are not habituate to close the tab after you visited any specific website.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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