How to Reinstall Cydia without SSH

Are you looking for a guide to Reinstall Cydia ? If you had jailbroken your iPhone or iPad then I bet that cydia has become a part of your life. Cydia helps you to download a number of tweaks which will help you customize your device and make it look amazing. Without Cydia we can’t even imagine what jailbreak will look like, It hosts a number of applications, tweaks , themes etc. Cydia comes pre-installed on the device when we jailbreak it and there is no need to install cydia separately. You may encounter several cydia errors like Cydia crashing on iOS 8 or Cydia Size Mismatch error.

Majority of the cydia errors have solutions but some may force you to reinstall cydia on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Some of the reasons which might force you to reinstall cydia are you may accidentally delete cydia or problems while updating cydia to latest versionor Incomplete installation . Only solution to overcome these problems are reinstalling cydia. You can reinstall cydia without computer iFile or ssh.

reinstall cydia without computer iFile or ssh

Steps to Reinstall Cydia without Computer or SSH

We mentioned the causes which will make you to reinstall cydia but you need to note that you need a jailbreak device. As you cannot install cydia on a non jailbroken device. So make sure your device is jailbroken and you are good to go. You can follow the below steps to reinstall cydia on iPhone iPod iPhone. We tested this guide on iPad Mini and iPhone. You can try this guide on iOS 7 and even iOS 8 devices as both involves same steps.

Step 1: Remove Cydia and all associated application or tweaks before reinstall

The first thing you need to do is remove cydia from your device so that you can reinstall cydia on your device without any errors. Removing cydia will help in clean installation. You can follow below steps to remove cydia from your device.

  1. Open Cydia application on your device.
  2. Now navigate to Manage >> Packages.
  3. Look for Mobile Substrate and click on it which will take you to the tweak’s page.
  4. Next tap on Modify >> Remove.
  5. It may take a few seconds to remove all tweaks. Restart your device and check whether there are any cydia apps on your device or not.
  6. Now repeat the above  2 step and search for Cydia Installer. Tap on Modify >> Remove.
  7. Tap on confirm and Cydia will be removed from your device.

You have successfully removed cydia without any traces all the tweaks, applications associated with cydia are removed from your device. Now you can proceed further to reinstall cydia on iPhone.

Step 2 : Download latest Cydia DEB File

Now fire up Safari browser on your device. Download latest cydia deb file from Saurik Make sure that you download latest version otherwise you will end up updating it to latest version.

Step 3: Final Step to Reinstall Cydia on iPhone iPad iPod

After downloading latest cydia deb file open iFile on your iPhone or iPad or iPod.  Click on the downloaded deb file and click install. It will take not more than 60-90 seconds. In the mean time you can check best cydia tweaks for iOS 8.

You can follow above steps if you want to reinstall Cydia on iOS 4 , iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 or latest iOS 8. If you want to reinstall cydia without downloading anything then we advice you to rejailbreak your device. In case if you are facing any issues we advice you to drop a comment below. Do share the article to spread your love.