Install AppSync Unified on iOS 8.4

How to Install AppSync Unified on iOS 8.4

We had covered a guide on “How to Install AppSync” a long time back. After the recent Jailbreak, many Cydia tweaks are updated to support latest iOS firmware. AppSync Unified is the same AppSync, but it is compatible with all iOS versions unlike Appsync as you may find different AppSync versions when you search for it in Cydia. Now AppSync Unified supports iOS 8.4 without any hickups.

There is no doubt if we termed it as the popular tweak as it is also used by almost every user. Most of you have clear idea about what Appsync Unified is and if you are new to jailbreak stuff then AppSync Unified is useful to install cracked application on your iPhone or iPad or iPod using applications like vShare, Zeusmos, and other applications. Without AppSync installed on your device you can’t download and install cracked applications on your device.

Install AppSync Unified on iOS 8.4

iCydiaOS is not encouraging application piracy in anyways. AppSync Unified have many uses rather than just installing pirated content on your device. It is very helpful if you are developing applications for iPhone or iPad and doesn’t have an Apple developer account. Still you can install and debug your application, thanks to AppSync Cydia tweak.

As the developer updated the AppSync unified tweak to support iOS 8.4 and you may notice some bugs as they will be fixed soon. So if you Jailbreak iOS 8.4 using Taig and looking for a way to install AppSync Unified on iOS 8.4 then you can follow this guide. Let’s dive into to it.

How to Install AppSync Unified on iOS 8.4

So if you are thinking to install appsync unified on your device then you might have probably jailbreak your device and Cydia installed on it. Follow instructions carefully without skipping any to install AppSync Unified without any errors.

Add AppSync Unified Repo to Cydia

To install the tweak, you need to add the repository of the tweak as you may or may not find it in default Cydia repositories.

  1. Unlock your device and Launch “Cydia” application.
  2. Next click on “Sources” located at the bottom of the application.
  3. Now click on “Edit” and followed by tapping on “Add“.
  4. Next in the URL field enter “” and click on “Add Source“.How to Install AppSync Unified on iOS 8.4
  5. It will take a minute or two for Cydia to download content from the repository.

After adding the source, you can install AppSync Cydia tweak on your device.

Download & Install AppSync Unified Cydia tweak

  1. Unlock your device and Launch “Cydia” application.
  2. Click on “Search” icon located at the bottom right corner.
  3. Next type in “AppSync Unified” and select the tweak & click on Install.
  4. It may take some time and Cydia will ask to respring your device.

That’s it you have successfully installed AppSync Unified tweak by following our guide on “How to Install AppSync Unified on iOS 8.4“. If you have any queries do drop your comments below. Do share the guide if it helped you.