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Guide to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia

This guide is all for those who are eagerly looking for single guide which covers each and every working method to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad  without Cydia Application. As many of the users don’t want to jailbreak their devices yet they want to enjoy features like OpenSSH on their iPhone/iPod or iPad, If you are one we have covered all methods which will help you to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad with or without Cydia Installer on your device.

OpenSSH helps you control your device remotely and OpenSSH is a cydia tweak which is available for all jailbroken devices. But there are ways with which you can Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia too.

What is OpenSSH for iPhone/iPod ?

Before getting into the guide many of you might already know what is OpenSSH ? and If you are new to this term then, OpenSSH is a program which will help you communicate with a device or set of devices and transfer files between you and the device remotely using the encrypted SSH Protocol. All you need to use OpenSSH on your iPhone or iPod or iPad is a working internet connection ( We recommend a stable WiFi connection).

Advantages of OpenSSH for i-Device

As we mentioned above that you can use OpenSSH to transfer files remotely between devices and that is not only a single use of it. There are number of uses other than transferring files. So let’s have a look at the uses of OpenSSH for i-Device.

1)Semi-Restore your i-Device : You might hear the word Semi-Restore if you are a jailbreaker and are following the community. Many of the users tend to restore the device when they messed up with some tweaks which made them to restore the i-Device with the firmware files from the official servers itself using iTunes but it is a lengthy procedure and you need to set up the device once again as you will lose all the data and settings on your i-Device. Semi-Restore is a boon for jailbreak community and by using Semi-Restore there is no need to completely restore your device you can restore it with all your settings intact with a single mouse click. All you need to use Semi-Restore application is that you need to have OpenSSH installed on your i-Device.

2)Saves yourself and your devices from Soft Bricks : Another amazing use of OpenSSH is that you can save yourself as well as your devices from soft bricks in case you are facing issues like Boot Loop on your devices. Apple Devices can’t been hard bricked and overall you can face only Soft Bricks which you can solve and use the device normally.There are many Soft bricks which are faced by users and they can be solved easily using OpenSSH.

3)Remote File Transfer and Password Support You can use OpenSSH to remotely transfer files between your computer and i-Device without the need of iTunes or any cables. Cable free file transfer and you can secure the file transfer with the help of a password too.

Methods to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPod without Cydia

  1. Install OpenSSH using iFunBox : You can use this method if you are not an iFile users or facing Cydia app crashing issues on your device.
  2. Install OpenSSH using iFile : You can use this method incase you somehow messed up with your device.
  3. Install OpenSSH using Cydia : Easiest way to install OpenSSH by most of the users.

How to Install OpenSSH without Cydia

You will find the above mentioned 3 procedures to install OpenSSH on your device below in detailed. Make sure that you follow the process without skipping a single step.

Install OpenSSH using iFunBox

As mentioned above you can use this method if you are having issues with iFile and Cydia on your device.

  1. Download iFunBox application for your computer from official site : Mac or Windows.
  2. Install it like normal applications on your computer. We recommend you to install in its default path.
  3. After successful installation of iFunBox on your computer, Launch the application and connect your i-Device with the help of USB cable which you got in the box.
  4. Download OpenSSH from our site Link to download, Save it somewhere on your desktop.
  5. In the bottom left corner you will see your device name click on it.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  6. In the next window scroll down a little and select “iFunBox Classic”.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  7. Now from Left Sidebar select “Cydia App Install” option. So that you can enable drag and drop app install feature.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  8. Now drag and drop the OpenSSH file which you have downloaded in step 4 into iFunBox.
  9. The file will be transferred to your device. After installation make sure that you reboot your device twice.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

Install OpenSSH using iFile

The above method works if you don’t have iFile tweak installed and having issues with Cydia application on your device. If you are having iFile tweak pre-installed on your device then you can use the below procedure to install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPod without Cydia.

  1. install OpenSSH using iFileOpenSSH is free cydia tweak which you can download from Cydia, As you are having issues with Cydia you can download  OpenSSH.deb
  2. Open the link from Safari browser on your i-Device.
  3. After downloading file and If you have iFile tweak pre-installed you will get an option to “Open in iFile” select it.
  4. You have successfully installed Open SSH on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

How to Install OpenSSH using Cydia

  1. install OpenSSH using Cydia App Fire Up Cydia application on your device and click on the search icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now in the search field type in “OpenSSH” and click search.
  3. Select the result and tap on install button located at top right corner of the application.
  4. After successful installation reboot your device and enjoy OpenSSH on your device.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

So we have covered ways to download & Install OpenSSH on i-Devices. If you have installed OpenSSH on your device by following our guide on “Guide to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia” and in case if you are having any doubts do comment below so that we can help you out.

  • Moustafa Sadek (moustafasadek1

    Does my device need to be jailbroken in order to install OpenSSH via iFunBox?

  • Mirko-City

    Guide to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia!

    This no longer works under I.O.S. 8.3 Apple prevents the possibility to Root!

    • admincydia

      Yeah we are aware that jailbreak for iOS 8.3 is not out yet but we can expect it anytime soon 🙂