How to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

How to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is in the market from past few months and already making its impact in the wearable industry. Recently at WWDC 2015 Apple announced WatchOS 2 update for all its Apple Watch lineup. WatchOS 2 comes with a lot of new features and improvements which will enhance and take the user experience tp next level. WatchOS 2 brings the functionality of native apps for Apple Watch which will make the loading of apps easy and fast. You need to wait until the fall for the update to be pushed for your device. If you can’t wait follow our guide and enjoy WatchOS 2 on Apple Watch.

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Apple also announced WatchOS 2 Beta 1 for developers and If you are a developer then you can download and install WatchOS 2 Beta on your Apple Watch. If you don’t know “How to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch“, Don’t worry we are here to help you out. You can follow this guide to install WatchOS beta on Apple Watch.

How to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

Prerequisites to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

To download and install watchos 2 beta on Apple Watch, You need to take care of few prerequisites which are necessary and important.

  • Unpair your Apple Watch with iPhone.
  • Factory Reset your Apple Watch. To do this navigate to Settings on your Apple Watch. General >> Settings >>Reset >> Erase All Content &  If you have enabled passcode enter it & Tap Confirm.
  • Download & Install iOS 9 beta on your iPhone.

How to Register iPhone to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

  • Head over to Apple Developer portal and Download latest iOS 9 SDK. Install it on your computer.
  • Next connect your device to your Mac and Launch the program.
  • Navigate to Window >> Organizer.
  • Next you have to copy the UDID of your device from the Identifier field.  It will be of 40 chars.
  • Now you have to Sign in to “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” using your credentials and click on “+” to initiate the registration procedure.
  • Next name your device and paste the UDID copied earlier and click on “Continue“.
  • You have successfully registered iPhone to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch.

You are halfway through the process of installing Apple WatchOS 2 Beta on your Apple Watch.

Tutorial to Download & to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

Note : Make sure that your Apple Watch has atleast 70% of battery and plugged into charger during the update procedure. Don’t unplug the watch from charger during the process.

  1. Pair Apple Watch with iPhone, Make sure that iPhone is connected to WiFi and is located near Apple Watch.
  2. Next you need to download WatchOS 2 Beta on your iPhone itself.
  3. Now you need to “Launch profile” & Click on Apple Watch as the location to install WatchOS 2 beta.
  4. Reboot the device whenever it prompted.
  5. Next navigate to Apple Watch App on iPhone >> General >> Software Update. If you have enabled Passcode then you will be prompted to enter it.
  6. This will initiate the update process. After the successful completion of the update, Your Apple Watch will be updated latest WatchOS 2.

If you are having troubles installing WatchOS 2 Beta on your Apple Watch, Do leave your comments below. Also comment the features which you like the most in latest WatchOS 2.

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