Molar Cydia Tweak Add Shortcuts to Bluetooth Keyboard of iPhone

Add Shortcuts to Bluetooth Keyboard of Your iPhone [Molar Cydia Tweak]

Our iOS devices have a comfortable keyboard, which gives us buttery experience while typing on it. No matter how smooth it is, it can never replace the joy of typing on a physical keyboard, especially if you are on iPad Pro. In the case of iPad Pro, even if you have a physical keyboard, the native iOS features have limited options when it comes to keyboard shortcuts, which makes it little frustrating while navigating through things.

This is when Jailbreaking stuff helps you. A new Cydia tweak for Jailbroken iPhone/iPad has been released and it is called Molar. The job of the tweak is to add a bunch of Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts to your iOS device, which ultimately helps you get the most out of your device. Below we have mentioned all the keyboard shortcuts that accompany with the tweak, just have a look.

Molar Cydia Tweak Add Shortcuts to Bluetooth Keyboard of iPhone

Molar Cydia Tweak Adds Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts to iPhone

Cmd+Tab: open OS X-like app switching design.

Press Tab in the App-Switcher to navigate between apps.

Cmd+Q: Close selected app.

Cmd+Esc: Close App Switcher without switching between any apps.

Cmd+Shift+H: Home Button press.

Cmd+Shift+P: Power Button press.

Tab+Arrow: Keys to navigate app user interface elements.

Shift+Tab: For selecting an item that was previously selected.

Esc: dismiss text field or go back to the previous view.

Cmd+Esc: Return back to the first view.

Arrow keys: For scrolling up or down.

Cmd+Arrow: To go the top/bottom or left/right of the page.

Cmd+Shift+R: Reload/refresh.

Apart from these pre-defined shortcuts, you can also create your own from the preferences section of the tweak. Molar is not free, but the price is justified with the features it offers. If you are a full-time user of a physical keyboard on your iOS device, then this tweak is certainly made for you.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

Do you use a physical keyboard on your iOS device? Have you tried using Molar? Share your feedback on the tweak by commenting below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.