iPicar Cydia Tweak to Hide Specific Conversations in Messages

iPicar Cydia Tweak to Hide Specific Conversations in Messages

I bet that at least once you thought of “How to hide specific Conversation in Messages on iPhone” and upon searching you might not find any guides to do so. But today we are glad that finally you can hide specific conversations in messages application using iPicar Cydia Tweak. iPicar serves the most common problem faced by many which includes both you & me. The tweak by developed by “Rene Tejeda“.

The tweak works flawlessly and we tested this on our iPhone 5s too. As it is a jailbreak tweak and If you are running iOS 8.3 then you need to wait few more days as the jailbreak for iOS 8.3 is not out yet. Don’t fall prey for fake Semi Jailbreak iOS 8.3 method. The tweak helps users to hide messages from specific contacts when you enter a passcode to unlock your device.

How to Install & Use iPicar Cydia Tweak

The installation is simple and same as installing other tweaks. The tweak is available for a 1.55$ at BigBoss repo. In case if you want to try your hands in the iPicar Cydia tweak before buying you can check our list of cracked Cydia sources where you can get  iPicar Cydia Tweak crack. If you don’t know how to install iPicar Cydia tweak follow instructions.

  1. Launch “Cydia” application on your device.
  2. Next click on the search icon and type “iPicar“.
  3. Select the tweak and install it.
  4. Respring the device if necessary.

After installing the tweak, you need to set up a few things so that you can hide conversations from a specific contact. You can head over to Settings >> iPicar where you can toggle On and Off the tweak and can also select the contacts which you want to hide.

iPicar Cydia Tweak to Hide Specific Conversations in Messages

To select contacts you need to tap on “Contacts” which will display the list of contacts on your device. You can select the contacts by a toggle which is located beside the contact. After selecting the contacts, all the conversations from the contacts ate hidden when you unlock your device with a special password  which is different from original unlock password.

In the iPicar settings, you notice two password fields right below the contacts.  One among them is “Original Password” which will unhide all conversations and other is your “Special Password” which will hide conversations from specific contacts.

That’s it you need to set up the tweak once and you are good to go.  Now all you need to do is lock your device and unlock using the “Special Password” which will hide conversations from specific contacts and you can unlock the same with “Original Password” to unhide all messages.

We found iPicar Cydia tweak quite handy in many situations. You can hand over the device to your friends and family without getting caught as you can hide conversations in the messages application. As mentioned above iPicar Cydia tweak is a paid one and you can drop your comments below. Do share the article if you liked it.