iProtect Cydia Tweak

Keep All Your iPhone Apps and Data Secure with iProtect Cydia Tweak

We all have friends or a kid who mess around with our iPhone or iPad when it is placed idle on a table. Many times they accidentally or intentionally uninstall an app or access our private photo albums. No more, only if you have Jailbroken your iDevice.

iProtect Cydia tweak is an all rounder security feature to safeguard your app and personal data on your iPhone or iPad. The tweak is basically free to download and install from Cydia for 10 days. If you like the tweak you will have to purchase it for $8.99.

iProtect Cydia Tweak

Keep Your iPhone Data and Apps Secure with iProtect Cydia Tweak

In the iProtect preferences under Settings app, there are many options you can adjust or configure depending upon the requirement. The primary step you’ll need to do is to enable the tweak by toggling it ON. There are many features of this tweak, to make it easy to understand we have sorted them below in small parts.

Disabling App Deletion

Step #1. Launch SettingsiProtect.

Step #2. Toggle ON “Disable App Deletion“.

Lock System Apps

Step #1. Inside iProtect under Settings app, tap on “System Applications“.

Step #2: Toggle ON the system apps from the list which you need to secure with a password.

Lock User Apps

Step #1. Head to iProtect inside Settings app and tap on “User Applications“.

Step #2. Now toggle ON the apps that you wish to lock.

Instead of a password, you can also use Touch ID. To do this user, you’ll have to set up your fingerprint under Settings app.

Each and every system or user app can be protected using this Cydia tweak. Even though, it is free for just ten days it is completely worth it. Once you find it helpful you can make the purchase. We haven’t found any bugs so far while using this tweak.

Price: Free for 10 days ($8.99) | Repo: BigBoss

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