List of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps

List of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps for installing on iPhone/iPad/iPodList of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps for installing on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Android is giving tough competition to iOS devices and I bet that you might have used at least one android device in the past. When it comes to applications there is no big difference between these two eco systems as majority of the applications are available both on android and iOS. If you are searching for cracked android application you may come across a number of sites to download cracked applications but when it comes to iOS you may find only a few sites which help to Download free Cracked IPA’s for iPhone or iPod or iPad. You might have landed on this page after extensive googling then you are at right place.

List of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps

Like android you may find a bunch of sites which provide free IPA downloads and you may have come across sites which will ask you to complete a survey which will test your patience and will frustrate you. But we have prepared a list of sites which provides paid iPhone apps for free. By following our list of top ipa download sites you can install cracked apps on iPhone or iPod or iPad easily.

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Note : To download or install cracked iPhone apps or Cracked iPad apps you need a jailbroken device with cydia installed. As they don’t function without cydia.

iCydiaOS is not encouraging piracy in any manner. We are advising our users only use them to try applications before buying them. We respect the works of developers and advice our users to buy applications legitimately. They only cost a few bucks and supports developers to build more amazing applications in return.

If you are searching for a list of sites to download cracked ipas for iPhone iPad iPod then your search might probably end here right away. Lets dive into our list of top ipa download sites.

1.PandaAPP IPA Site

When I got my first iPhone which is iPhone 5 I used to search for  a way to download cracked iPhone games as I cannot afford them at that time. One day I stumbled upon PandaAPP IPA site and surprised to see many paid games which are available to download for free though they are cracked IPA’s. While most of my friends are buying the games I am enjoying them absolutely for free and when I revealed the site among my friends they were amazed.

  • Link to PandaAPP IPA Site :


iApplications is a russian site which hosts a number of cracked iPhone iPad or iPod applications. It is a reliable site and only barrier is, It is in russian language. If you are using chrome as your daily driver then you can use the built-in feature to translate it into english. Though the site is inactive these days still it serves a huge number of cracked ipas which you can download and enjoy.

  • Link to iApplications :

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3. Mob IPA Site

Mob IPA is another amazing site not only to download cracked iPA apps but also you can download wallpapers, ringtones and much more. What I like the most about the site is we can choose our device model and the site will display contents for our device. No matter which device you use whether it is iPod or iPad or iPhone the site has content for you. You can forget incompatibility issues with the applications as the site shows applications which are compatible with your device.

  • Link to Mob IPA Site :

4.vShare IPA Site

vShare is one of the best installous alternative and we have covered guides to Install vShare from Cydia and Install vSahre on iOS 8 without jailbreak. You can also use their site to download cracked applications without the need of installing the application. You can download iPhone, iPad or iPod content as they have separate sections for each device. You can check it out from below link.

  • Link to vShare IPA Site :

5.iPhone Cake

iPhone Cake is another site in our list of top ipa download sites. The site was popular and gained success after shutdown of some popular sites in this area. You can find almost all cracked applications and many new applications are added to the site on daily basis. Downloading them is also easy task as they are stored on free file hosting servers so that you can download them without any surveys.

  • Link to iPhone Cake :


APVV is another amazing site to download cracked ipa apps but the main drawback is that it is the subsidiary version of vSahre as you will be redirected to vShare to download any applications. We like the UI of the application which is simple and amazing.

  • Link to APVV IPA Site :

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This is another amazing site which is similar to most of the above mentioned sites. You can find almost any app on the website which will work flawlessly on your iPhone or iPad or iPod without any issues. You can try it out using below link.

  • Link to :

The list doesn’t end here we have some bonus sites waiting for you which are iDownloads and 51ipa. Incase if you are inconvenient about advertisements on their site you need to know that they need to make at least a few bucks to pay bills so you can help them by clicking ads.

So these are our list of free ipa download sites for iPhone or iPad apps. Hope you liked our guide on List of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps for installing on iPhone/iPad/iPod. If you have any queries do drop your comments below and do share the article if you liked it.

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