Mirmir Cydia Tweak

Mirmir Cydia Tweak to enhance Multitasking

Nowadays we hear a lot about multitasking in our devices and many mobile companies are introducing new multitasking features into their operating systems and device. Apple also introduced a new multitasking feature which will be available in iOS 9 and the public release may take some time. In the meantime, the ne multitask feature is limited for a few iPad Models and you can’t get it on your iPhone or iPod which seems like a marketing strategy to boost the sales of iPad.

But if you are having an iPhone or iPad then you can try “Mirmir Cydia Tweak” which will help you get the same multitask feature. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone or iPod with Cydia installed on it. The tweak promises true multitasking on your device. Mirmir Cydia tweak will take your multitasking capabilities of your device to next level. Although it is a paid tweak which costs approx $3.99 which is worth the price.

Mirmir Cydia Tweak
Screenshot was taken from @burn617 tweet and used in out iPhone Mockup

Mirmir Cydia Tweak to enhance Multitasking

The tweak does a pretty good job and unveils the so-called “true multitasking” capabilities of your iPhone or iPod. Mirmir Cydia tweak helps you to run a number of applications side by side without affecting their functionalities. For instance, you can browse the internet on foreground and you can browse applications or settings at the same time. All you need to do is swipe down from the “top-left” corner which will turn the application you are using, into a resizable floating window.

You can hover the application wherever you want on the screen with the help of little gray bar located at the above of the window. The best part of the tweak is that you can adjust the size of the window you can enlarge the window or scale it down to suit your needs. Mirmir Cydia Tweak also contain inbuilt gestures like pinching with two fingers helps to resize the window.

The tweak is compatible with all applications on your device. But in case if you are thinking to run a number of applications using the tweak then beware it may affect the performance of your device. You can run 3-5 applications simultaneously with mirmir Cydia tweak without any issues. So we advice you to keep the number of applications which you want to multitask with the tweak to a minimum number.

Mirmir Cydia Tweak features

The tweak also features a built-in video feature which will enhance your video viewing experience on your device. You can play video on your device which will turn the screen into a window to watch the video which will provide an amazing experience. If you want to get the most out of the tweak then we advice you to use the tweak on your iPad, as the tweak looks good amazing on larger iPad screens when compared to low screen area of iPhones and iPods.

If you are using “Activator” on your device, then you can make use of the gestures as you can assign specific gestures for features like resizing window, change rotation, close the tabs and much more. After installing Mirmir Cydia Tweak, you will get a dedicated settings panel in “Settings” window where you can configure the most part of the settings. You get a number of settings to customize including the size of the window and even hide the status bar.

Mirmir Cydia Tweaks settings pane

You can search Cydia for “Mirmir” and install it without any issues.Overall Mirmir Cydia Tweak enhances multitasking on your device. Do give the tweak a try and let us know via comments. Do share the guide if you like it.we will provide more amazing Cydia tweaks for you.