OnlineNotify Tweak

OnlineNotify Tweak which notifies When your friends comes online on Whatsapp

WhatsApp became a daily driver in every one’s life and some time we thought of features which makes it even more cool. Some of them are to get notified when a person comes online on WhatsApp which saves a lot of time as there is no need of keep staring at the WhatsApp screen of the user. If you are also among those people who think of having the feature then you need to take a look at OnlineNotify Jailbreak tweak which serves the purpose.

OnlineNotify Tweak

OnlineNotify jailbreak tweak is quite handy that it will help to keep track of your friends or your loved ones on WhatsApp and keeps you notified whenever they are online or offline. Another handy feature of the tweak is that it works perfectly no matter whether your device is locked or not you will be notified. The tweak packs a couple of nice features which are as follows

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OnlineNotify Tweak Features

  • Notifies user when a contact starts typing.
  • You will be notified whether the contact is online or not with the help of online indicator in WhatsApp Favorites as well as in groups.
  • You will get the last seen timestamp under the contacts instead of their status message.OnlineNotify Tweak 2
  • The tweak adds a toggle so that you can enable or disable the feature on the go.

Incase if you are wondering how the tweak notifies users when they are outside WhatsApp. The tweak works only when you have a working internet connection and the app is running in background. A small caution if you enable the tweak then your status is always online to all users. Be prepared with your set of excuses 😛

As mentioned above the tweak notifies the users even when the device is locked and the developer who made OnlineNotify Jailbreak tweak mentioned that users who want the feature to work on locked devices need to install another cydia tweak “insomnia” which will serve the purpose. The reason behind installing the tweak is when your device is locked WiFi will be disconnected automatically after few minutes after locking your device and this tweak prevents the disconnection.

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Setup OnlineNotify Tweak to display Online/Offline Notifications

After installing the tweak you need to head over to the settings pane of the OnlineNotify tweak from where you can play with the settings of the tweak and enable or disable them. You can enable Online Notifications, Offline Notifications and also Typing Notifications. You can also enable notification logs which will save all the details of all Online, Offline and Typing notifications which you will receive.

OnlineNotify Tweak 3

There is also a beta feature which is “Enable or Disable notifications outside WhatsApp“. You may try your luck at it as it is still in beta. You can also find another option which replaces the status message with online indicator which we discussed earlier in the article.

OnlineNotify Tweak 4

Now its time to start receiving notifications whenever your contacts goes online or offline. Open WhatsApp on your device and navigate to settings. You will find a new section named as OnlineNotify which contains Tracking Table, Contacts Logs, Preferences. Now you need to click on Tracking Table followed by clicking Add and select the contacts you wish to monitor.

If you like to give the tweak a try then it is available for $1.99 over BigBoss Cydia Repo and incase if you want to try before buying then do check our list of Cracked Cydia Sources. Hope that you liked our article on OnlineNotify Tweak which notifies When your friends comes online on WhatsApp and Do share the article if it helped you.

  • Down

    How to downgrade?
    The latest version don't works for me, and I don't want to update my whatsapp version…

    • admincydia

      The easiest way to downgrade is uninstalling WhatsApp and downloading the compatible WhatsApp version deb file and install it 🙂

  • EAU

    Onlinenotify close whatsapp 2.12.3, why?

    • admincydia

      Did you try removing and reinstalling the tweak ?

  • Ethan

    Its really amazing feature for iOS user customer because every time we are searching that which one is currently online or we talks to person or not but after having this its solve many issues thanks

    • admincydia

      Yep and the tweak works like a charm. I have been using this and It’s amazing 🙂

  • jose

    very good, thank you