MessageTabs Cydia Tweak

Organize Your Messages in Different Categories on iPhone [MessageTabs Cydia Tweak]

Stock Messages app is completely reliable, even though there are different messaging app alternatives available. Stock Message is the only app that will let you communicate without any internet connection. All you will need is a working SIM with decent network signal.

Almost all of us keep receiving some or the other messages in our inbox. Out of all the messages, some are from our friends and family while some are useful promotional offers. Once these messages pile up in a number of hundred it becomes pretty hard to search for a specific message from the sender.

MessageTabs Cydia Tweak

How to Organize Your Messages in Different Categories on iPhone with MessageTabs Cydia Tweak

If you have Jailbroken your iPhone/iPad in iOS 9, then there’s a Cydia tweak to the rescue. The tweak is called MessageTabs available on ModMyi repo. The tweak is not free, you’ll need to burn $0.99 to get this tweak and it is worth it if Message app is your primary app for text messaging.

MessageTabs, as the name itself suggests, let you organize your messages in different categories. You can create categories like friends, family, college, work, and many more to keep your inbox organized. Once you add senders to a particular list of categories, you will see a tab in your inbox carrying all the messages from the list of senders you included.

It also becomes easier to delete a particular set of messages using this tweak. All you need to do is to add certain senders to a particular category. When you have enough messages received from that, select them all and delete. Earlier, you would have to manually scan your entire inbox, select them and delete.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: ModMyi

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