Apple Watch is making a lot of buzz these days. You may come around Apple Watch torture tests and reviews all over YouTube. People are waiting for the Apple watch from a long time and finally their dream of owning one will come true. Apple Watch is designed to fit for every buyer they design it to suit everyone’s requirement. Apple Watch is not yet released in majority of the countries and If you managed to get one for yourself then I bet that the first thing you want to do is Pair Apple watch with iPhone so that you can receive notifications seamlessly on your Apple watch. All you need is follow simple steps we are going to mention in this guide.

In this article we are going to guide you through each and every step to pair, set up and connect Apple Watch with iPhone. Pairing your Apple Watch is needed as it will sync or share data between apps on your iPhone and Apple watch so that you can enjoy notifications right on your Apple watch. By pairing Apple Watch with your iPhone you can use applications like Apple pay, camera and much more. Follow below steps to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone & Install Apps.

Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

Note :- In order to pair your iPhone with Apple Watch you need to be running iOS 8.2 or up which is compatible with it. If you running previous versions it is advised to update your iPhone to iOS 8.2 or up.

How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone & Install Apps

  1. Turn On your Apple Watch and set it up.
  2. Upon successful boot the Apple watch will prompt you to open its app for ‘pairing’.
  3. Next tap on “Start Pairing” on your Apple Watch and do the same on your iPhone by going into Apple watch to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone
  4. Now camera app will be open automatically on your iPhone which will ask you align the Apple watch face with view finder. It will take few seconds for the iPhone to recognize your Apple watch after that you need to set a few things as follows.Pair Apple Watch with iPhone easily
    • Wrist Preference.
    • Accept Terms & Conditions
    • Enter your Apple ID
    • Enable Location services & Siri
  5. Now its time to tighten the security of your Apple Watch by protecting with a passcode you can create one by clicking “Create a Passcode” on your iPhone or you can skip it by clicking “Don’t Add Passcode”.Pair Apple Watch with iPhone install apps
  6. After that you will be asked whether you wish to unlock your Apple watch with your iPhone or not. You can either enable it or skip it as per your wish.
  7. In the final step all you need is to click on “Install All” button.
  8. It will take a while for sync and you can enjoy Apple Watch with all your favorite apps and notifications.

Video Walk through to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone


Voila ! You have successfully paired your Apple watch with iPhone. Now you can get all notifications on your Apple watch directly on its little screen. We are on our way to provide more Apple Watch tutorials. If you liked our article on How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone & Install Apps do share the article. If you are stuck at any step so let us know via comments so that we can help you out.