3DNotifications Cydia Tweak

Perform Peek & Pop on Notifications from iPhone NC [3DNotifications Cydia Tweak]

3D Touch has revolutionized the way users have been interacting with their smartphones. As Apple has successfully brought this technology in their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, it has created a sort of hullabaloo among users.

This technology has received tremendous response from users as it allows them to use peek and pop functionality; now users want this 3D Touch thing everywhere, not only on home screen apps. Since it is not possible with a factory-made iPhone, users need to Jailbreak their devices.

3DNotifications Cydia Tweak

There are many Jailbreak tweaks that make the most of 3D Touch to change the user experience of iPhone owners. Among all these tweaks, 3DNotifications stand apart; this tweak has recently hit the Cydia.

As the name suggests, this tweak lets you avail the feature of Peek and Pop in iOS notifications in Notification Center. This tweak enables any user to preview various contents with 3D Touch; just a gentle tap on any notification and users can have preview with extra information regarding the notification. If the notification offers any quick action, users can swipe up the preview to access the related actions or just swipe left to clear the notification.

Similarly, if users want to open the related app, they can tap harder on the notification. This one is pretty useful feature for iPhone owners; Apple should consider this in its next installment of iPhones. This tweak saves lot of time of users as they don’t have to open the app to view additional content of the related app.

Currently, users can use this tweak check conversation history in Messages notifications, get more details in Calendar events, read mail from Mail notifications, see additional details of missed calls in Phone app and FaceTime app, and get card information and transaction detail in Apple Pay Card.

3DNotifications is easy to use; just install the tweak and swipe down the phone’s screen to check Notification Center and execute 3D Touch on supported notifications. This tweak doesn’t support any iPhone except iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

You can install 3DNotifications from BigBoss repo by paying $1.50.

Price: $1.50 | Repo: BigBoss

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