Play Space Invaders Game with iPhone App Icons

Play Space Invaders Game with iPhone App Icons Using SpringInvaders Cydia Tweak

We all have played Space Invaders when we were kids and it still creates a nostalgia looking at the game. Of course, the modified version of the game is available on App Store, but if you have Jailbroken iOS 8 or 9, then install SpringInvaders right away. The tweak lets you play the same game, but with your app icons.

SpringInvaders Cydia tweak is available on BigBoss repo and it’ll cost you almost a dollar. The tweak has its preference section under the Settings app, from where you can do almost all the necessary changes to suit your style. The game can be invoked with the help of an Activator gesture and you can start playing right at the Home Screen.

Play Space Invaders Game with iPhone App Icons

The game controls are quite simple; just tilt your phone left-right to move your “Springship”. A gentle tap on the screen will fire at the enemies. In addition to that, you can tap and hold the screen to fire a special weapon, which is a bit more powerful than the regular one.

You are allotted five lives to clear a level. If you fail to shoot the enemy down within allotted time, you lose. The same applies even if the enemy reaches too close to you. The game pace advances as you move ahead in levels. Apart from that, you earn 10 points when you hit the enemy; similarly, you lose 5 point when you miss.

SpringInvaders is surely a great time-killing game to play while you are bored or while you are commuting. The only problem is that it is not free, apart from that, there’s no complaint about the tweak.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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