Remove Ads from Cydia with Exterminator Cydia Tweak

Exterminator Cydia Tweak Removes IntelliScreenX Ads From Cydia

There is a huge number of user complaining about IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak. The reason is that the developers have not provided any update for the tweak to make it compatible for iOS 9. The ad of this tweak is right there on the Cydia home page. In addition, there is no compatibility mention on the tweak page as well.

Users are furious, as they have paid for the tweak and now they aren’t able to use it after they updated to iOS 9. A detailed discussion of this outrage can be found on Reddit page. According to Saurik, he cannot remove the ads as he is bound by the contract.

Remove Ads from Cydia with Exterminator Cydia Tweak

To help the fellow Cydia users, Adit’s repo has released a tweak that will remove the Intelli ads from Cydia’s home page. The tweak is called Exterminator and it does the job as the name describes. Also, installing this tweak makes the Cydia home page much cleaner.

Apart from this basic feature, there isn’t anything much about the tweak. There are neither any preferences to be configured nor any other settings. All you need to do is to install the tweak it will automatically respring your device. You can launch Cydia again, to check whether the Intelli ads have been removed or not.

The tweak is completely free to download and use, available on Adit’s repo. It is also very small in size and doesn’t take much of your valuable storage space.

Price: Free | Repo:

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