Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8

Official iCloud removal service from Apple is a boon for many customers as they can easily remove iCloud Activation lock on their i-Device running iOS 8. The service is the only official service which will help you in removal of iCloud Activation lock on your device. But what if you bought a second-hand device over the internet and it is stuck in iCloud Activation screen and the frustrating part is that you can’t use official iCloud removal service offered by Apple. Still there are some unofficial methods to “Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8” and we are going to give brief details and procedure involved in removal of iCloud Activation lock on iPhone iPad.

We recommend you to use official tool for the removal of iCloud activation screen which is available over Apple website. So if you are thinking to try out methods other than Apple’s official service do follow our guide.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8

If you are using iPhones iPad from a long time then I bet that you might be aware of a tool name DoulCi Activator. DoulCi Activator was created by hackers which will help you to remove iCloud Activation Lock from your device. When the developers released the tool it went viral and many got benefited with the tool. Forgot to mention that the tool is free to download and use.

If you are searching for a way to remove iCloud Activation lock from your device then DoulCi Activator serves the purpose. The tool is made to bypass iCloud Activation lock only don’t get confused between IMEI unlock and iCloud Activation Screen Unlock. If you want to carrier unlock your device then you need to spend a few bucks.

The tool is quite handy fir users who got second-hand devices which are still locked with the previous owners account credentials who forget to reset the device. If you got any device like this then do try the procedure below to use DoulCi Activator for removal of iCloud Activation Screen iOS 8.

Unlocking using Doulci Activator iOS 8

Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8

To use the tool you need to place your device into DFU Mode and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and run the tool. Now search for a file activation.deb in the tool folder and check for remove iCloud Account and next click on update. The process may take a few minutes to get completed.

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Bypassing iCloud Activation Lock using Jailbreak SSH Kit

Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8 easily

This is another unofficial way to bypass iCloud activation lock on your device but this method requires you to jailbreak your device. The workaround was found by a russian hacker which helped him to unlock the remote iCloud activation lock for the devices running iOS 7.1 or below. The hacker also presented a program which will do the job of removing iCloud activation lock as well as jailbreaking your device.

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Official Service to remove iCloud Activation Screen

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8

You need to navigate to Official iCloud lock removal site on your computer or mobile phone. Now you can send IMEI of your device and wait till you get a confirmation mail which states the removal of iCloud activation lock with subject “activation lock removed”. Now you can add your account and enjoy the device.

After using any methods mentioned above you need to set up a new iCloud or Apple account. So that you wont face the problem again. Hope we have covered most of the tools which are used toΒ Remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8. Incase if you are having any problems with them do let us know via comments. DO share the guide if it helped you.

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