Safari Close All Tabs Cydia Tweak

How to Close All Tabs at Once in iOS 9 Safari on iPhone or iPad

Out of all the web browsers available on iOS devices, Safari is widely used among all of them. The limit of tabs allowed to be open has also been increased from iOS 8 onward. This helps in surfing internet more effectively.

If you are a hardcore internet surfer, then you will be familiar that closing these many tabs one by one is really irritating.

Safari Close All Tabs Cydia Tweak

How to Close All Safari Tabs at Once in iOS 9:

If you are using a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or iOS 9, then this irritation can come to an end. A newly released Cydia tweak called “Safari Close All Tabs” developed by TapSharp, can help you get rid of all the opened tabs in Safari with just one tap. Moreover, the tweak is completely free to download and use.

Close All Safari Tabs on iPhoneTap on Close Tabs in Safari on iPhone

There isn’t any preference to be done under Settings to use this tweak, just install and start using it. After you install this tweak, you can straight away head to Safari to check its usability. On Safari, just tap on the window icon located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

At the middle of the bottom bar, you will get “X” icon, tapping that will close all open Safari tabs. If you want any specific tab to be ignored, you can tap that Safari tab with two fingers. By doing so, that particular tab will be locked and you can see the lock icon on that tab. This is certainly a very handy tweak for Safari users.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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