Search for text in any App Using ControlF jailbreak Tweak

Search for text in any App Using ControlF jailbreak Tweak

We use dozens of applications on our device daily and sometimes we need to find a certain text, We end up scrolling the pages one after another till we find the word or text. Now there is no need to scroll pages up and down to search a text in any app as ControlF Jailbreak Tweak serves the purpose. If you are using a jailbroken iPhone or iPad then you need to have a look at this amazing jailbreak tweak which is developed by a developer named “Mohamed Marbouh”.

The tweak solves the problem faced by many and it works like a charm. The tweak needs “Activator” to work on your device. ControlF Cydia tweak can be used on a lock screen too. After installing the tweak, you need to assign a gesture to the ControlF Cydia tweak so that you can launch the tweak wherever you want with a simple gesture.

After performing the gesture you assigned to the “ControlF Cydia Tweak” you will get a popup in which you can type the text you need to search and tap on “Search” if you are searching the text in the app or you can tap “Google” to search the text over the web. The tweak displays the text in a red rectangular box if it finds any match to the text you entered.

Search for text in any App Using ControlF jailbreak Tweak


How to UseĀ ControlF jailbreak Tweak

Using the tweak after installation is easy as there are no extra settings you need to configure rather than assigning a unique gesture to the tweak via Activator. If you don’t know how then you can navigate to Settings >> Activator and assign a gesture. After that just perform the gesture and you will get a popup and you can search for any text within the application.

For now “ControlF Cydia Tweak” is limited to certain applications and It is not compatible with most of the applications. We can expect an update to the tweak in which many new things are going to be added to improve the functionality of the tweak. ControlF tweak is available on BigBoss repo for a price of 0.99$ . The tweak is iOS 8 friendly, It’s upto you whether to buy the tweak or not but we recommend not to buy until the tweak is updated to support all applications.

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