Send Any File Via WhatsApp on iPhone-WASendAny9 Cydia Tweak

Send Any Files Via WhatsApp on iPhone [WASendAny9 Cydia Tweak]

We all use WhatsApp on our iPhone and iPad and we are pretty happy with its features. It’s won’t be appropriate to call WhatsApp a complete app, that’s because there are limitations when sending a file to someone. You cannot send ZIP files or any other format not supported by WhatsApp. This is when tweak like WASendAny9 comes in handy.

WASendAny9 is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The tweak isn’t free, but after you read the features, you’ll surely find it worth the price. It adds a heap of extra features to WhatsApp that will help you use it more professionally and easily. After installing the tweak, you’ll be able to send any file format using WhatsApp.

Send Any File Via WhatsApp on iPhone-WASendAny9 Cydia Tweak

Send Any Files Via WhatsApp on iPhone Using WASendAny9 Cydia Tweak

The tweak feature is not limited to this one functionality; it also let you send ZIP formats. After you send a ZIP file, WhatsApp will automatically convert it to .ENC format. The receiver will simply have to rename it back to .ZIP and then he’ll be able to access the files within that archive.

With the help of this tweak, a user can also send system files, which wasn’t possible until now. In addition, the tweak also adds support for GIF files. Earlier, when you sent a GIF file, WhatsApp would simply change it to a static JPG image and receiver will not be able to see the animated file. But that is now fixed by the tweak.

The most impressive part of the tweak is that the preferences of the tweak are available right inside the WhatsApp app. That means you’ll not need to go to Settings app to configure any feature of the tweak, everything is located at a single destination.

As said earlier, the tweak isn’t free, but looking at the features that the tweak provides, it seems to be worth the price.

Price: $2.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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