Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem

Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem

iPhones are the most selling Apple products and they have a huge user base when compared to other products. Still many people are complaining that their iPhone’s are restarting automatically and it is very annoying to see your device restart without your notice. So if you are also facing same problem then our guide on “Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem“. Although if you faced the problem earlier and searched for it, then you might come across several methods and you might have tried each and every solution to fix the issue of iPhone restarting automatically.

We came across several solutions on forums and tried several things on our own. It’s quite annoying to search for the fix every time you face it. So we thought of listing down the working solutions which might help you solve the issue. After trying out the solutions, we mentioned in this article, You can fix the issue within no time. So let’s have a look at the possible solutions to fix iPhone 5s restarting itself.


Possible Solutions to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically

After a bit of research, we found the following as the working solutions which are tried by ourselves and the Apple community.

  1. Faulty Applications on your iDevice
  2. Toggle On/Off Mobile Data
  3. Reset your iPhone 
  4. Restore From Backup

#1.Faulty Applications on your iPhone

Sometimes the reason for your iPhone restarting problem is due to some faulty applications which will consume a lot of battery and resources. Most of these type of applications are updated on regular basis. As they are consuming the most of the battery there is no doubt that your iPhone is restarting automatically. So we advice you to check the installed applications and uninstall the one’s which you barely use.

After uninstalling the applications we advice you to reboot your device and check whether the issue is resolved or not. If the iPhone restarting itself again and again then you can check other solutions to fix it.

#2.Toggle On/Off Mobile Data

Sometimes Mobile Data is the culprit. You need to turn on or off mobile data on your device. Do try restarting your device to check whether the issue is fixed or not. Do check other solutions if this doesn’t help you.

Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically

#3.Reset your iPhone 

If the above two solutions didn’t help you, then you can try resetting your iPhone. If you don’t know how you can follow these steps to resets your iPhone.

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Navigate to Settings >> General.
  3. Next click on “Reset All Settings“.

Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically problem

Even resetting your iPhone didn’t help you then you can try restoring from the iTunes backup.

#4.Restore from iTunes Backup

Restoring from iTunes backup is the last resort of solving the problem. If you previous made a backup of your device using iTunes then you can restore it on your device. To do this “Connect your device to the computer” and “Launch iTunes“. After that, you can navigate to the device page and click “Restore Backup“. It will take few minutes and after restoring you can say goodbye to the iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem.

That’s it, Hope this guide on “Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem helped you. If you are still facing the issue then you can comment below so that we can guide you to overcome the solution. Do share the guide with your friends.