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How to Install Anemone in iOS 9 and Theme your iPhone Beautifully

One of the primary reasons for Jailbreaking an iOS is to customize the iPhone with different themes and icons. There are thousands of different themes available on Cydia. Some of them are free while for others you’ll have to pay few dollars.

Winterboard is an essential platform to install and apply a theme. But it is slowly losing its audiences. That’s because Anemone is becoming popular gradually; Anemone is an alternative to Winterboard. There are certain themes that are compatible to both the platforms.

How to Install Anemone on iPhone

Today we will guide on how to setup Anemone to apply different themes. But before we proceed, we need to do a little homework. If you do not have Winterboard installed, you’ll not need to do anything. But if you have it installed follow the checkpoints given below before installing Anemone.

  • Save all your WinterBoard themes. (Using file manager)
  • No need to uninstall Winterboard (Anemone will do it for you)

Those are the basic steps you should have done, before proceeding to installing Anemone. Now let’s start with setting up Anemone on iOS 9

How to Install and Set up Anemone Themes in iOS 9 on iPhone

Step #1. Install ClassicDock from Cydia available for free on BigBoss repo. There are two benefits of installing ClassicDock: There are certain themes that require ClassicDock to work, and when you install ClassicDock, it automatically installs Anemone.

Step#2. After respring, you will be able to see Anemone icon on your home screen.

Step #3. you will need to re-download themes you had in your Winterboard. But this time make sure the theme you are downloading is compatible with Anemone. You can check it in the description column of theme in Cydia.

Step #4. Once you have downloaded the theme, tap on Anemone on home screen.

Step #5. You will see the theme you downloaded in the list. Tap on Enable located beside the theme name, now you will see all the options of that theme with a circle besides them. Tap on the circles to select them. You can either select all or you can customize as per your requirement.

Step #6. Now tap on Apply located at top-right side.

Step #7. This will take you to the Preview screen, where Anemone will display how your iPhone will look after you apply the theme. This is one of the best features of Anemone. Now tap on Apply again located top-right side.

This will apply the new theme on your iPhone. There aren’t many themes yet compatible to run on iOS 9. So make sure to check the description before you make a purchase or download a free theme from Cydia.

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Anemone Cydia Tweak: It’s Certainly Better Than Winterboard Themes!

When you talk about customizing your menu or app icons in your iPhone, the first thing that strikes your mind is Winterboard themes. But don’t you think that you are using an outdated way to customize your iPhone menu and app icons? Not exactly you can say an outdated method, but yes, you can use a better platform to do that.

A new tweak called Anemone gives you a plethora of options to customize your iPhone themes, app icons and background colors effectively. And the users already love this tweak! Today, at iCydiaOS.com, we are going to present some of the features of Anemone Cydia tweak. So get ready to download this tweak right after you read it because you are sure to love the features of it.

Anemone Cydia Tweak

Anemone Cydia Tweak Features

If you are addicted to the Winterboard themes, we are sure that you will not be able to stop yourself from using Anemone tweak. Here are some of the best features:

  • It is possible to apply different masks to the existing icons by installing this tweak
  • You can add a shadow kind of effect to the app icons on your iPhone
  • With this tweak, you can completely change the entire interface colors
  • Anemone tweak also allows you to customize the icon labels, which is the best feature, in our view
  • It categorizes the themes by the packages and also shows the live preview before you actually apply them in your iOS
  • Besides that, it also shows the preview with respect to the existing wallpaper
  • It is compatible with the existing ClassicDock, CustomClock, IconBundles etc
  • You can also set the custom blurs to the themes and icons with the help of Anemone Cydia tweak

Well, if you have these many features in the list, you will definitely love using this tweak on your iOS devices. There are many themes and customization options available in the tweak through which you can easily change the themes, icon colors & overlay, background effects and lots more.

To be frank, this tweak is certainly better than the Winterboard themes, in our view. Anemone Cydia tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of Cydia store. Most interestingly, it is available for free! So what keeps you waiting? Go for it now, if the features have impressed you!

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss