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How to Downgrade iPhone/iPad Apps [App Admin Cydia Tweak]

Currently, there is no option available in App Store to select the version of app your wish to download. By default, the App Store will download the latest available version of any app you are downloading.

There is is Cydia tweak which will help you downgrade or install an earlier version of any app available on App Store. The tweak is called App Admin A.K.A App control developed by UnlimApps.

How to Downgrade iPhone or iPad Apps

The downgrading process is definitely not simple, but at least it is possible. It is not that geeky as well, so you’ll be fine by following the steps. Just refer to the tutorial given below for further details.

How to Downgrade (Download Older Version of) iPhone/iPad Apps

Step #1. Open Cydia from the home screen.

Step #2. Tap on Sources followed by Edit on top-right of the screen.

Step #3. Now tap on Add and enter this URL: http://beta.unlimapps.com/

Step #4. After adding the repo, search for App control, download and install it. This will require a respring.

Step #5. Now head to App Store and select the application you wish to downgrade from “Updates” tab.

(As per our experience, currently the tweak only supports downgrading apps that are already installed and are under “Updates” tab)

Step #6. Tap on the Update button and you will get a pop-up with two options: Continue and Downgrade.

Tap on Update in App Store on iPhone

Step #7. Tap on “Downgrade” and App Control will suggest several known version of the app.

Tap on Downgrade in App Store on iPhone

Simply select the version you wish to install. If that’s not enough or in case you aren’t satisfied with suggestions, I am afraid you will have to exercise a little more. Check the guide below to install the version of your choice.

Downgrading iPhone/iPad with softwareVersionExternalIdentifier

Step #1. Download and install iFile from Cydia.

Step #2. Launch iFile from home screen and go to /User/Containers/Bundle/Application/* and open the app’s iTunesMetadata.plist

Step #3. Here is the tough part, find the version number from the file and copy it.

Step #4. Head back to App Store where you have the pop-up. Paste the version you copied from iFile.

This certainly isn’t an easy way, but it is the only way to downgrade iOS apps. Of course, UnlimApps team is working to make it more user-friendly, as the app is currently in beta version. We can soon have an advanced and easier way to downgrade apps.

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