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How to Switch Between iMessage & Text Message on iPhone [SwitchService Cydia Tweak]

There are thousands of tweaks that successfully make into iPhones and iPads of people, but very few leave a mark, i.e. stay in our devices for long time. A couple of months back, BiteSMS became a popular Jailbreak app that had replaced stock Messages app.

The app had some beautiful features that made it very popular. A feature that was especially liked by all was its ability to switch between messages as iMessages and standard Text message.

SwitchService Cydia Tweak

Unfortunately, the tweak BiteSMS is not available now. But no worries! We have got another wonderful Jailbreak tweak: SwitchService. This new app can do the similar wonder of toggling between iMessages and Text message.

After you install SwitchService on your iPhone, launch the stock Message app. Tap on any message thread and press the Send button for long time to toggle between Text message and iMessages.

While performing this action, you can see that color of Send button gets changed to display the protocol to be used to send a message. Green color of Send button indicates an Text message and Blue color of Send button shows an iMessage.

In the Settings app of your iPhone, you can check the preference panel of SwitchService. From this panel, you can Enable and Disable the tweak, change the TOUCH HOLD TIME and Enable/Disable Vibration. If you shorten the TOUCH HOLD TIME, it will reflect on long-press time, which will work faster on your iPhone.

This SwitchService is available on Creatix repo; if you haven’t uploaded on your iPhone, you can add from this link: repo.ioscreatix.com.

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How To Set Up And Use iMessage On Windows PC [Remote Message Cydia Tweak]

Remote Messages are way too easy to setup, if you are using Mac PC or a MacBook; as they can easily communicate with your iPhone. But what if you are a Windows user having an iPhone; all you need to do is to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad.

With remote messages you will no longer need to have your hands on your iPhone, in order to reply or start a new conversation. Remote Messages Cydia tweak was not compatible with iOS 9, but it just got updated and is now working flawlessly on iOS 9 as well.

iMessages on Windows PC

How to Use iMessages on Windows PC with Remote Message Cydia Tweak

Step #1. Open Cydia app from home screen.

Step #2. Search for Remote Messages, from result tap on Remote Messages (iOS9)

Step #3. Install it and Cydia will respring your device.

Step #4. Now head to Settings app from home screen.

Step #5. Scroll down and tap on Remote Messages.

Tap on Remote Messages Cydia Tweak from iPhone Settings

Step #6. Toggle ON, Enable option. (Very first on the list.)

Enable Remote Messages Cydia Tweak on iPhone

Step #7. On the same screen, you will notice Current IP and Server Port 333, just below Enable option.

Step #8. Open any browser in your Windows PC. Type in the Current IP and Server Port like this: if your IP is and Port is 333, you will have to type in URL like this:

Step #9. If you are asked for Username and Password, then default username and password is: admin (case sensitive, type exactly as given).

Step #10. You can also disable authentication by toggling OFF “Use Authentication” option under Settings → Remote Messages.

Once you are logged in, you will see all your messages on right side of your Windows browser screen. You can either reply or compose a new message right from your browser. Apart from that, you can also send images and use Emojis as well.

Price: $3.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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