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How to Install Kodi on Your New Apple TV 4 Using Mac

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, has been amongst the best media playing software. The open source media player is available for Mac and Windows PCs/Laptops.

Last month, Kodi was released for Apple TV 4 but it wasn’t a stable version according to some users. And that’s the reason it was named as pre-alpha version of Kodi media player. Although, the official version is not released, we have found a unique way to let you download Kodi on your new Apple TV 4 with the help of Mac.

How to Install KODI on Apple TV

How to Install Kodi on Apple TV 4

If you are wondering how to download this media player on your brand new Apple TV, stop wondering because we have got the best way to make it possible. Just try to ensure that you follow all the steps carefully because if you don’t, things might mess up quite badly. Before you follow the entire process, here are some of the requirements which you must be ready with on you Mac book. Here are some of them:

Requirements to Install Kodi on Apple TV 4 by Using Mac

To make sure that you don’t face any problems during the installation process, it is must that you have the following things on your Mac.

  • Create a free Apple developer account at developer.apple.com
  • Download recently updated deb file.
  • The iOS App Signer for Mac can be downloaded here (The file is in Zipped format so unzip it and save it on your desktop).
  • Install Xcode 7.2 from this link or it is also available in the Mac App store.
  • And at last, a USB-C type cable.

So these are some requirements which you must fulfill to complete the entire process without any hassles. And now, let us the how to install Kodi on your Apple TV. Here you go!

  • First and foremost you need to connect your Mac book to Apple TV 4 using USB-C to USB-A cable.
  • Launch Xcode to create a new Xcode project under tvOS section. Select the “Single View Application” and tap on Next button.
  • Specify the project details in the form of name (ExampleUniqueName), organization name and identifier. Ensure that the organization identifier is saved in the format something like this “com.example”. Once you are done, click on Next.
  • Now you will see a kind of error in the Xcode interface under “Identity” heading. Just tap on “Fix Issue” and wait for few seconds to get the error fixed.
  • The next step is to sign-in with your Apple Developer account as soon as Xcode prompts the window. Just click on Add button, enter your account credentials and minimize the Xcode tab.
  • Open the iOS App Signer and then browse the Kodi.deb file. Now select Apple ID, Identifier name created in Xcode and click on Start button.
  • The .IPA file will now be created and it can be saved on the desktop itself.
  • Launch Xcode again and head over to Windows then Devices and select the Apple TV option.
  • Just tap on + sign to add the .IPA file saved on your desktop.

That’s it! You will now able to see Kodi icon Apple TV 4 home screen. Isn’t it pretty simple?

You can now easily watch any videos, listen to your favorite music, play your favorite games etc on your Apple TV with Kodi. If you tried installing Kodi on your Apple TV by following the above step-by-step procedure, let us know your thoughts on the same.

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How to Install Kodi in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

There are many media players out there, but out of all, one of the best is Kodi app available on Cydia for free. If you are a fan of Jailbreak apps, Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) won’t be a new term for you. For those who are new to Jailbreak, Kodi is an open source media player that streams all kind of videos and music.

Apart from that, it also supports streaming from local, network storage media or internet. After Jailbreaking iOS 9, many users were not able to open Kodi app, it simply used to crash. That was because it was not compatible with iOS 9. But thanks to developers, they have now officially released an update that supports iOS 9.

How to Install Kodi in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

How to Install Kodi in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Cydia app from home screen.

Step #2. Tap on Sources → Tap on Edit located top-right of screen.

Tap on Edit in Cydia Repo on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on Add located top-left of screen.

Tap on Add in Cydia Sources

Step #4. Add this URL http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/ and tap on Add Source.

Add Cydia Repo on iPhone to Install Kodi

Step #5. After Cydia finishes adding source, tap on “team Kodi” under Sources menu.

Tap on Team Kodi Cydia Source on iPhone

Step #6. Now tap on Multimedia → Kodi-iOS.

Tap on Multimedia Then Kodi on iPhone

Step #7. Tap on Install located on top-right corner.

Install Kodi in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

The download process will now begin; it is approximately 32MB, so have patience. Their servers are already flooded with heavy download traffic, so it will take a while to download. Once download is completed, Cydia will automatically install the app.

Once the installation is completed, you can see Kodi app icon on your home screen. Launch the app and explore around with features.

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