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Prenesi 3 Cydia Tweak: Download Facebook Videos on Your iPhone or iPad

Facebook is a nice social media app specifically primed to let you communicate with your friends and loved ones with fun. There are a lot of features like, the option to post your photos and videos, create your special page etc. However, there are still a lot of areas where the app can be improved. As for instance, there is no feature to download videos.

Whenever I come across some cool videos on Facebook shared by friends, I want to save it to camera roll. Likewise, I wish the news feed to show in chronological order. Unfortunately, there are no such options.

Prenesi 3 Cydia Tweak

Nevertheless, as long as jailbreak tweaks are available, you don’t have to worry much about bringing desired customizations. Willing to add some good-looking features to Facebook?

Meet Prenesi 3 jailbreak tweak which has been designed to enable you to not only download videos locally on your iPhone but also bring other much-needed customizations to it.

Save Videos to Camera Roll

The tweak allows you to save Facebook videos to camera roll on your iPhone or iPad. Just as you save photos, you will get the option to save videos as well.

Recent Feed in Chronological Order

This tweak sets the news feed in chronological order. Hence, you are able to find out when any post was shared easily.

I had really wanted this feature for long. Luckily, it has allowed me to set the news feed exactly the way I want.

Disable VOIP

Don’t like VOIP and want to disable it as it consumes a lot of battery? It allows you to do so.

We all are already worried about the tons of battery that the social media app consumes. It’s good that this tweak lets you reign in the fast consumption of power.

Confirm Like & Unlike

Do you want to confirm before liking or unliking any post? It enables you to add an option that lets you confirm before you go on to like or unlike any post.

Facebook’s Internal Employee Settings

This tweak also allows you to enable Facebook’s internal employee settings from where you can access a lot of secret information.

If you had been willing to access the internal employee settings and wondering what could be their form, it would fulfill your wish.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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