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How to Search for Word Definition Right from iPhone Spotlight

There are several occasions when I come across a new word. To get the meaning of the word, I have to use third party dictionary apps on my iPhone. Though I don’t find it too difficult to define any complicated word using the available means, it would be quite helpful if there was a better solution.

Hopefully, Apple adds a dedicated dictionary app for its iOS devices sooner than later. I’m sure there would be a lot of iPhone users who would be waiting for a stock dictionary app on their device.

SearchDefine Cydia Tweak

SearchDefine Cydia Tweak: Search Definition for Word Right from the Spotlight on iPhone or iPad

There is an all new jailbreak tweak called SearchDefine that allows you to search for word directly from the Spotlight. Once you have installed this handy tweak, you will no longer have to go through the lengthy process to define any word.

iOS users have to take the help of Siri, web browsers or third party apps to quickly get the meaning of any difficult word. While Siri can help you define a word instantly, it has a lot of limitations like it doesn’t understand particular accents and you can’t use it while sitting in a class or meeting.

Web browsers do provide an instant meaning of any word. You need to have internet connection on your device and carry out a bit lengthy process. Third party apps are a good solution, but you need to install them on your device.

But, none of those mentioned above ways are more convenient than the one that this tweak offers.

How Does The Tweak Work?

After you have installed this tweak on your iPhone, swipe down from the middle of the Home screen of your device to bring up Spotlight. Type the word which you want to define in the text field. A dictionary section will appear on the screen with the definition of the word.

The jailbreak tweak uses the built-in iOS dictionary based on New Oxford American Dictionary.


SearchDefine is a very useful jailbreak tweak which makes it pretty simple to define any word. In terms of functionality, it works like a native feature of iOS. I haven’t found any glitch while testing it out on my iPhone 6s.


This Cydia tweak deserves to be given a chance on your iOS device if you are looking for a quick solution to define any complicated word. Given the simple yet but handy functionality, it will live up to your both billing and expectation.

SearchDefine is available for $0.99 from BigBoss repo.

Try it and do share your feedback with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.