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16 Best iOS 9.3.3 Cydia Sources/Repos to Install on your iPhone and iPad

Once again millions of jailbreak fans from around the world have got plenty of reasons to start trying out all new Cydia tweaks on their iPhones/iPads. And why not, the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak has arrived after months of wait.

Once you have Jailbroken your iPhone running iOS 9.3.3, it’s obvious that you would hunt for a lot of compatible jailbreak tweaks. Besides, you would love to install some fabulous Cydia sources to make sure you never miss out on any cool tweak from the well-known repositories.

Best iOS 9.3.3 Cydia Sources and Repos

Looking to find out some of the best iOS 9.3.3 compatible Cydia sources? Let’s have a quick look!

Best Cydia Sources for iOS 9.3.3

#1. BigBoss Repository
BigBoss repo is the real star of Cydia sources. It’s the one-stop platform for most of the high-profile free or paid tweaks. As it comes with Cydia installer, you don’t require adding it manually to your list of sources.

#2. ModMyi Repo
Though not as popular as BigBoss, ModMyi Repo has everything that it takes to provide you fabulous tweaks. This repo also comes with Cydia installer.

#3. HackYouriPhone Repo
Want to try out several paid jailbreak apps for free? With tons of stunning paid tweaks available, you have got to add this cool repo to test out any tweak without having to pay for it. Personally speaking, it’s my favorite hack.

#4. BiteYourApple Repository
Are you fond of cracked jailbreak tweaks to install paid tweaks or apps for free? You don’t need to look beyond this repo. You will need to add it manually to Cydia sources.

#5. iPhoneCake.COM
AppCake is widely believed to be the most elegant cracked app installer and the home to a gazillion of elegant themes, iPhone apps, games and more. But, do you know that AppCake is hosted at iPhoneCake? That’s why you would like to add this repo to your list of Cydia sources.

#6. AppAddict Repo
This one is yet another outstanding source for cracked apps. If you are hunting for paid app or tweak to install without paying anything, then it’s the right option for you.

#7. ZodTTD
This repo has been specifically primed for those who have a huge penchant for gorgeous themes. Go for it to make the most of the eye-catching themes.

#8. Ryan Petrich’s Beta Repository
This repo has provided some of the most adorable Cydia tweaks like Display Recorder, Display Out, and Activator. Pick it up to get some of the standsout tweaks.

#9. xSellize
It’s another very important repository that allows you to get cracked apps, tweaks, games and more.

With several amazing games from various categories such as SEGA, NES and Game Boy, this one has been readied for gaming aficionados.

#10. Hackulo.us Repository
Do you like to install top-notch paid apps for free? Then, this repo would thoroughly win you over. It includes awesome tweaks as well as apps such as installous, crackulous, hresources, idone, security.deb etc.

#11. SiNful iPhone Repository
SiNful is one of the highly-impressive sources to find premium apps, tweaks, themes and apps for absolutely free. I have always liked going after it every time I need to download a paid app without having to dole out any money.

#12. Insanelyi Repository
Love to bring some amazing customizations to your iPhone or iPad? It provides some tweaks that can help you personalize your iOS device with aplomb.

#13. iHackStore Repository
One of the major reasons why this repo is admired so much among jailbreak users is the specialty to offer exclusive tweaks and apps for free. Over the years, it’s become one of my indispensable sources.

#14. iHacksRepo Repository
Are you fond of marvelous themes like WinterBoard, Dreamboard? I would suggest you to get started with it to customize your iPhone with élan.

#15. AppVV Source
It has hosted some of the most popular Cydia tweaks like vShare which allows you to install paid apps on your iOS device. It’s worth giving a shot to have handy tweaks.

#16. 25PP Repo
25PP team is the creator of PP Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3. This repo is designed to let you download cracked apps

That’s all! Which is your favorite Cydia source and why? Do share your valuable opinion with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Best iOS 9 Cydia Sources/Repos of 2015 to Install on Your iPhone and iPad

After Jailbreaking your device, all you need is the list of some of the most awesome Cydia sources. The very first we tend to do after Jailbreaking is to look for top Cydia sources, from where we can install some amazing Cydia tweaks to customize our iPhone or iPad.

Widely used sources are already installed with Cydia, but if that is not enough, you can add other sources to Cydia as well. To make your search easy, we have listed below top Cydia sources you shouldn’t miss on your newly Jailbroken iOS 9 device.

Best iOS 9 Cydia Repos-Sources

Best iOS 9 – 9.0.2 Cydia Repos/Sources of 2015

#1. BigBoss Repo

BigBoss repo comes along with Cydia; it is one the must-have source for any Jailbreak lover. There are number of apps submitted everyday in this repo, so you can get your daily doze at single place. BigBoss repo is for those who are seeking to purchase genuine tweaks; it is one of the most reliable sources available on Cydia.

Source: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/

#2. BiteYourApple source

This is the best source for cracked tweaks, if you are looking for free stuff; this is the place where you should land. BiteYourApple has many old and new Jailbreak tweaks in its database.

Source: http://repo.biteyourapple.net/

#3. iPhoneCake.com repo

Many great apps like AppCake and iPAStore are developed by iPhoneCake.com repo. This repo is regularly updated with new tweaks, so never miss to check their page in Cydia.

Source: http://repo.iphonecake.com/

#4. ModMyi repo

ModMyi repo comes pre-installed with Cydia, though you have an option to remove it. The repo updates many new tweaks related to apps, themes, utilities, and more.

Source: http://apt.modmyi.com/

#5. Filippobiga repo

This is one of the most demanding repo out there; the repo specializes in providing tweaks to enhance looks and feel of your iPhone or iPad. You can change icons, lock screen, folders, carrier logo and much more with this repo.

Source: http://filippobiga.me/repo