How to Update Software of Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

How to Update Software Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

Apple released the first software for Apple Watch which is 1.0.1 sums up a total size of 51.6 MB. The update brings in a lot of improvements and also fixes bugs faced by users. Other than that many new languages are included on the updates and Russian,Turkish etc are added. I bet that you are wondering “How to Update Software of Apple Watch“. The update also brings improvements in Siri and sensors which calculate the calories burned during your workouts and many more. The update also brings support to 3rd party applications and new emoji characters.

As the update increases the performance and fixed many issues, You are looking to update your Apple Watch to its latest watch firmware so that you can overcome any problems on your Apple Watch. We are going to guide you throughout the procedure step by step to update os on Apple Watch.

How to Update Software of Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

Prerequisites to Update Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

  1. Make sure that your iPhone is having a working data connection.
  2. Make sure that your  Apple Watch is paired and is in reachable distance from your iPhone.
  3. Make sure that your Apple Watch is having atleast 50% battery and connected to charger while updating.
  4. Don’t try to disconnect the Apple Watch during the update, It will pause the update if you disconnect the device from charger.

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After checking the prerequisites do follow below step by step procedure to update apple watch OS 1.0.1.

How to Update Apple Watch to Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

Now follow below steps to update your Apple Watch.

  1. Launch Apple Watch application on your iPhone which is paired with your Watch.
  2. Next tap on General >> Software Update.
  3. Next tap on Download & Install.How to Update Software of Apple Watch
  4. If you are using any passcode the application will ask for it.
  5. Now you will be presented with a Terms & Conditions page click on Agree.How to Update Software of Apple Watch
  6. The final step is to click install on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

As mentioned above don’t disconnect your Apple Watch from charger during the update which may pause the installation. After downloading the update the Apple Watch will reboot to install it and it may take a few minutes. Enjoy Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 on your device.

Hope this guide helped you to update the software of Apple Watch. Do share the article if you liked it. Incase if you are having any issues so leave your comment below so that we can help you out.