Pangu team really did surprise all of us by releasing the Jailbreak tool for iOS 9. It was not expected so soon, especially when the iOS 9.1 is under beta testing. There are high chances that Apple will patch the exploit in coming update. But for now, we have got the tool and have Jailbroken our devices.

We have already explained how to Jailbreak using Pangu tool earlier; also we have provided a tutorial on how to fix errors while Jailbreaking process. In addition to that, we have also provided a list of working tweak on iOS 9. Out of all the tweaks, WinterBoard is one of the most essential tweak to customize your iPhone or iPad; it wasn’t compatible with iOS 9 earlier, but now we have a way out on fixing it.

How to Fix WinterBoard Issue After Jailbreaking iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

How to Fix WinterBoard Issue After Jailbreaking iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Install iFile management tool from Cydia app.

Step #2. Uninstall WinterBoard if you have already installed it.

Step #3. Open Safari and download WinterBoard.Deb from here and save it using iFile option in Safari.

Step #4. Now locate the downloaded WinterBoard.deb file using iFile and install it by using built-in installer in iFile.

Step #5. Now locate the WinterBoard app from iFile, under /applications directory. Rename to by tapping on exclamation mark.

Step #6. Open Cydia and install iCleaner tweak; Cydia will update WinterBoard along with it; now respring your iOS device.

Step #7. Again, launch iFile and rename the back to as we did earlier.

Step #8. Now launch the iCleaner tweak, and tap on Clean option.

There you are, it is definitely not an easy way to make WinterBoard working, but currently this is the only fix. We will soon expect to get an updated version of tweak to avoid this lengthy process.